Today’s Prayer

Our blessed Savior who redefines love as we know it, let Your love be known to the depths of my weary heart. How I thank You, Almighty God, that You never leave us nor forsake us because Your love creates through Your Holy Spirit a relentless pursuit. Even when life is swirling around Your loved one and I feel lost in darkness and chaos, I have only to lift up my hands in praise and bow my heart in worship so that my spiritual eyes are opened to see and feel Your holy presence. O God, I need You. Be with me in this intimate dance of life for I do not know the steps and often feel as if I make a fool of myself. Remind me that You are leading the dance, Lord. For the music is hidden in Your word and the dance floor is Your creation. So I will find grace in my steps as I let You lead. I will find ease in moving across the dance floor of life when I cast my concerns on You, Jesus, each and every day. My heart beats to the rhythm of the love of Christ. Under the holy melody of 2 Corinthians 13:14 and the authority of Jesus Christ, these prayers are placed upon the altar of the King.

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