Today’s Prayer

Almighty God and Sovereign King, let me bow to Your authority as my Creator and my Lord. Diminish the power of the intoxicating selfish desires that tempt my soul to stray from Your covering. Re-wire my heart to seek You, Jesus, to please You and only You in and through my life. Help me not to idol to any enticement this world offers as You teach me to make my offerings to You from the depths of a humble heart. Reveal to me the majestic beauty You honor in a life devoted to You. Open my eyes to the blessings that I so often miss because of the impaired vision selfish tendencies corrupt me with. And when the enemy attempts to blind me with scheming lies and subtle deceptions, help me to see the truth in Christ that is my inheritance to claim. In all that I do and say, I wish to radiate Your love, O God. Under the truth of the word of God in John 14:16-17 and the authority of Christ, these prayers are an offering upon the altar of my God.

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