Today’s Prayer

In gratitude, my heart bows before You, God of my love. Your continual goodness is the light my weary eyes search for in the darkness of my soul. Envelope me in the security of love’s divinity as loneliness spreads like a desert before me. Slay my desire to drink from the poison of this world, for only the living water from the well of salvation in Christ truly satisfies. Surround me with the tender assurance of Your presence so that unanswered longings do not create unholy hunger in my soul. Grant me the strength that will move me through the parched lands, O Lord my God, for my eyes are set upon the destined promise land that is my rightful inheritance in Christ. I thank You for the light that shows the way. Under the leading of John 8:12 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I set these prayers into Your hands, God of my love.

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