Today’s Prayer

My Father in heaven, author and perfecter of my faith, help me to see myself as the heroine in the drama that is unfolding in this life, intersecting with other stories in order to reveal Your will to the world. Grant me the physical and spiritual strength needed to move gracefully through the various chapters of life, no matter how challenging they seem to be. Keep my eyes focused on Your work through my life rather than the current dilemmas that I face. Remind me of the bigger story when I am distracted by the page I feel I am stuck on. Write thoughts upon my mind that are pleasing to You, Lord. Pen deep truth into my heart so that I am protected by Your authority. Keep my soul in line with Kingdom purpose as You author the plot-line that will bring You the most glory. I beseech You for peace by Your presence in tough circumstances. I look to You for the wisdom that will guide me through confusing situations. I gladly receive the grace of Your cross as I face overwhelming moments in this life. For the desire of my heart is to be surrendered to the bigger story when the chapter appears to be unpleasant in order that the plot line of my life reflects the beauty of my faith in Christ. Under the word of truth in Hebrews 12:12 and the authority of Jesus, these prayers are set into the hands of the King of Kings.

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