Today’s Prayer

God, my loving Creator who unravels my expectations by doing the unexpected, let Your Holy Spirit fall in power upon my soul. Be tangibly near to Your deeply loved child, Father, for I am in need of Your presence. Affirm Your pleasure in choosing me for the pre-ordained tasks set before me. Let the details of my daily life unfold to the purpose and plan of Your will. Orchestrate the timing of all things in each day so that Your blessings are heaped upon me in ways that I recognize and acknowledge with gratitude. Make we aware of that which I am often oblivious to, Lord. Open my ears each moment for a personal word from You that I can tuck into my soul. Call up Your love. Call up Your grace. Call up Your holiness in my life so that Your light and truth permeate the darkness encroaching on me. Dismantle the lies that undermine the faith and trust I have in You, God. O Lord, I call on You in need even as You call on me in love. Fill me up when the sun rises that I may overflow with Your Spirit as the sun sets. Be real to Your servant in unexpected ways so that my faith in You remains vibrant and alive in trusting surrender.  My heart longs to enter Your joy, O God. Under the promise of Matthew 25:21 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I place these prayers upon the altar of the presence of my great and holy high priest.

His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.
You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much.
Enter into the joy of your master.’
Matthew 25:21

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