Today’s Prayer

My Father in heaven who gracefully holds the mighty pen that writes the story of my life, bring the one You delight in through the twists and turns of my own life adventure with grace that glorifies You. Rest me in Your mercy so that I do not take on unnecessary burdens, O Lord. Let me be pleasantly assured of the tasks specifically assigned to me by You even as I am empowered to let go of those things that obligate me to this world. Father, increase my trust, my faith and fill me up with Your love as the chapters of my life unfold to Your glory. May the pen with which You write my life story be filled with the iridescent ink of grace. I thank You that, in Christ, the ugliest chapters have been erased as You alter my story from dark tragedy to a fairy tale of light beneath the authorship of the cross. Under the beauty of Your promise in Matthew 11:30 and the authority of Christ Jesus, the author of life, I humbly offer these prayers upon Your altar, my King.

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
Matthew 11:30, ESV

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