Today’s Prayer

Mighty sustainer of all that is good, our great Elyon, our loving Father, let Your beloved child catch glimpses of Your perspective in my current situation. Grant me patience, O Lord, as I humbly proceed through the lessons of endurance You have crafted for me so that my heart might be purified, my soul sanctified and my mind captivated by You and only You, Jesus. Remind me to bring my frustrations and anxieties to You daily for You desire honesty, not pretense. Above all, beloved Savior, rest me in Your grace as You shield me from the enemy and his scheming. Invade the depths of my soul with Your beautiful love so that I radiate it to all You bring into this story of life You have written for me. Under the magnificence of John 15:9 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I tenderly submit these prayers unto You, O God Almighty.

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.
John 15:9

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