There once was a star that lived in the heavens with the Star-maker. She was an unhappy star for she could not shine bright like all of the stars around her. Instead, she spent her days longing to be human for she was dazzled by the lives of the princesses she watched from above.

Finally, one day, the Star-maker granted the little star’s wish. He gave her the form of a beautiful princess and set her among the humans. The little star was so happy. She even married the King and became a queen. Eventually, she forgot who she was and where she came from. At night, the little star would gaze at the heavens before going to sleep. She noticed how very beautiful the bright shining stars were against the dark sky. But there was one spot that was void of any light –a large hole in the sky, or so it appeared. This vacant area of light left the queen puzzled for she knew that the beauty of the heavens was incomplete without light shining there. She also noted that since the dark space was so large, it would have to be quite a bright light in order for it to shine bright enough to combat the darkness that looked so much to her like a hole in the heavens.

Years went by and the queen became lonely. She noticed the propensity for evil in the people all around her. Even the king’s heart was cold and distant. She longed for companionship that she once knew but couldn’t seem to remember. There was a hole in her heart that reminded her of the hole in the heavens she looked up at every night.

Eventually she came to befriend a small group of people who worshiped and loved the Star-maker. The queen felt an immediate connection to these people for their hearts glowed with warmth and shone with love for one another.  After years of loneliness, these people became the queen’s close companions, contenting her heart once again.

But the king grew jealous. He plotted to strike down and annihilate all of the people that the queen so loved.  The king wrote a decree that outlawed the worship of the Star-maker. As his hatred of the Star-maker grew, the queen became more and more afraid. Her dear friends had gone into hiding which made her feel more alone than ever.

As she went to retire one night, she gazed up at the stars once more. Her heart was so fraught with despair that she began to cry out to the Star-maker, who she knew she loved more than the king. The queen was surprised when the sweet, small voice of the Star-maker answered her back.

“Come home, my child,” said the Star-maker.

All at once, the queen remembered who she was. She knew what she had to do in order to save her friends.

So, the next morning the queen entered the chambers of the king. She told the king with strength and authority that she was a child of the Star-maker. She was a star, His star. The king boiled over with anger and hatred in his eyes for he had come to despise the Star-maker as much as he had ever loved the queen. The queen made a deal with the king that he could take her life in exchange for the lives of all those who worshiped the Star-maker. The king gladly agreed, thinking that he could gain an advantage over the Star-maker by taking one of His very own creations.

The date was set for the execution of the queen. She was able to bring her friends out of hiding in order to say good-bye to them all. They were delighted to find out who she really was. There was a sweet glow about the queen that had not been there before, they noticed.

On the day of her death, the worshipers of the Star-maker were very sad. That night, however, they noticed a phenomenon in the sky that had not existed before. Once where there was a very dark hole in the heavens, there shone a star so bright that it eclipsed the light of all the other stars. Somehow, the worshipers knew that the heavens were now complete because the star that couldn’t shine finally found its light.

Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.
John 12:25

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