Today’s Prayer

How great and penetrating is Your love, O God. You are beyond my limited understanding of love. Be near to me in a perceptible way for I am easily clouded with doubt and readily distracted with lies. Help me search out the opening in the cloak of routine that the enemy uses to deceive me into perceiving a distance between You and me. Help me to reach through that opening in the barrier so that I can touch Your presence which is, in reality, as close to me as my very breath. For You are the giver of my breaths, Lord. Breathe new life into dead routines, God, as You enable me to dance on the wings of Your perfect delight in me. Distill Your voice like a sweet rainfall over my parched soul. Under the treasured word of Job 22:26 and the authority of Christ Jesus, these prayers I set before You as incense.

For then you will delight yourself in the Almighty
    and lift up your face to God.
Job 22:26, ESV

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