Today’s Prayer

Great and mighty is Your name in all the universe, my Father in heaven. Uphold Your beloved child with Your strong arms of tender grace for I am failing in my spirit. Scrape away any residue of bitterness, frustration, or blame that corrupts my heart. For in You, I have been granted the powerful inheritance of purity. In You, I have access to the light of life in every season of darkness. Lift me up above life’s relentless challenges and storms so that I can see the clear skies of Your purpose and plan to glorify Yourself through my  life. Grant me supernatural strength to accomplish the tasks You have set before me for such a time as this, for such a purpose as You will. Above all, make me acutely aware of Your constant presence so that loneliness does not undercut truth. I will rest my heart on all of Your promises. Let me feel Your overwhelming love until nothing this world throws at me matters at all because it is well with my soul. Under the truth of Psalm 119:140 and the authority of Jesus, these prayers are placed into Your mighty hands, O God.

Your promise is well tried,
    and your servant loves it.
Psalm 119:140, ESV

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