Today’s Prayer

Precious and holy is Your word, O Lord God Almighty. Let the power of Your truth infect the heart of Your loved one so that my soul is on fire for Your renown, God. Take away the cuts and bruises on my soul as You tenderly shape and mold me with grace from Your hands. Inspire me in hope brought by the resurrection of Jesus. Revive me in the joy that comes from deeply drinking of the living water at the well of salvation which my Savior has brought me to. May my thirsty soul be forever quenched in the light of the promise of eternity as it is poured out over my heart in the most troubling of situations. Raise me up to reflect Your goodness, Lord God, as You lead me to walk in righteousness by the awesome power of intimacy with You. Under the anointing of Song of Solomon 2:13 and the authority of Christ, my King, I set these prayers as incense upon the altar of my God.

The fig tree ripens its figs,
    and the vines are in blossom;
    they give forth fragrance.
Arise, my love, my beautiful one,
    and come away.
Song of Solomon 2:13, ESV

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