Today’s Prayer

My mighty heavenly Father who does not speak in vain but ushers in the power of divine infection at the sound of Your voice, speak a healing word over Your beloved child. Surround me with Your grace that wards off all scheming traps set up by the one who seeks to devour my soul. Let me be shielded from physical pain as I apprehend the tremendous inheritance of faith given to me in Jesus Christ. May the abundance of the blessing You have ordained for me not be hindered by the withering of my body. Raise me up in strength and endurance Almighty God for in You I will find healing, rest and relief as the joy of the Lord mends all that is broken. There is security in relationship with You that can be found nowhere else for You are the living God, the one true God in all the universe. All power and glory and dominion are Yours alone. Under the beautiful assurance of Jeremiah 33:6 and the authority of Christ, I entrust these prayers into Your hands, God of my heart.

Behold, I will bring to it health and healing,
and I will heal them and reveal to them
abundance of prosperity and security.
Jeremiah 33:6, ESV

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