Today’s Prayer

Almighty God, place Your loving hands upon Your precious one, for I have been bombarded with the voice of condemnation which steals the joy from my soul. Anoint me for the path ahead so that I have the strength I need for the journey of righteousness. Extinguish the flames of distraction caused by unanswered longings, Lord. I sense a bitterness of soul taking root inside my heart. But You are my divine Gardener who can uproot the weeds of discontent which do not belong in the garden of my soul. Father, repair the rupture in my heart caused by soil that has needed to be turned-over in order for a re-planting that is pleasing in Your sight. May the ashes of my pain become fertilizer for the soil of my heart as it is sifted through Your beautiful hands. Under the truth of Isaiah 60:21 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I set these prayers at Your feet, O God.

Your people shall all be righteous; they shall possess the land forever,
the branch of my planting, the work of my hands,
that I might be glorified.
Isaiah 60:21, ESV

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