Today’s Prayer

Great Commander of the heavenly host, route Your mighty army to surround the soul of Your precious child. Father, protect me from the deceptive schemes of our enemy as he prowls around attempting to devour my peace and rob my heart of joy. You are the Keeper of my heart, Lord Jesus. For my heart is Your treasure. To get it, the enemy would have to go through You. Yet, You are stronger, mightier and unstoppable in Your protective love. Lead Your beloved to that place beside the still waters where I can find the rest my soul craves as You continue to fight the battle on my behalf. Thank You for Your great and mighty, incorruptible love, Jesus, that surrounds and protects those You call Your very own. Under the treasured truth of 2 Chronicles 20:17 and the authority of Christ, these prayers are Yours, O God, from my lips to Your heart.

You will not need to fight in this battle.
Stand firm, hold your position,

and see the salvation of the Lord on your behalf,…
2 Chronicles 20:17, ESV

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