Reflecting Jesus

How long can you look at yourself in the mirror before you get uncomfortable? -10 seconds, maybe 5 –less than 5?  Isn’t it funny how the longer we look at ourselves in the mirror the more we focus on the things that need fixing?  Like that hair that is out of place, or that lipstick that is slightly smudged, or that clump of mascara.  Do you find yourself wondering why your nose is that way or your eyes aren’t more sparkly or maybe there is just too much gray showing up in your hair these days (we can blame that one on raising kids).  I remember when my girls were younger and how much they loved looking at themselves in the mirror.  They would dance and make funny faces.  They would try on different hair bows.  They just loved looking at themselves.  I wondered why.  Maybe it was because they were not focused on seeing what was but what could be.  They didn’t see a little girl in the mirror, they saw a princess or a movie star or –using the hairbrush as a microphone –they saw a singer.  It got me thinking about what God would see if He held a mirror up for me to stand in front of.

What would it be like to look at ourselves in God’s mirror instead of our own?  In God’s mirror would we see the possibilities instead of the imperfections, the uniqueness instead of the flaws?  The amazing truth that is reflected in God’s mirror is that for those who belong to Jesus, God doesn’t see us at all but a reflection of His son.  But I believe that for us to look into God’s mirror we would have to close our own eyes and see with the eyes of faith.  Standing before God’s mirror do you see yourself or do you see Jesus?  Can you see yourself as a citizen of Heaven in that mirror?  Philippians 3:20-21 states “But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body.”  Do your eyes reflect His compassion?  Do your lips speak His truth?  Do your hands serve the poor?  Does your heart beat to the rhythm of God’s will?

Could we set aside our own mirrors and look only through the mirror of God at ourselves?  Is it possible that if we do that, we would be an accurate reflection of Jesus to a hurting world?  I have noticed that the more time we spend with someone, the more apt we are to reflect their personalities; to pick up on their habits, or copy their ways.  The best way to reflect Jesus is to spend more time with Him.  He is our truth.  We reflect that by studying His word.  He is our friend.  We reflect that by praying for each other.  He is our hope.  We reflect that by sharing our faith with others.  He is our love.  We reflect that by glorifying Him in the way we live our lives.

So, how long could we stand in front of God’s mirror and gaze at our reflection without getting uncomfortable?  Let our answer be forever.

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