Today’s Prayer

Father of light and every good thing, may the abundance of Your grace be revealed to Your precious one so that the hidden wounds of my soul are softly and tenderly ministered to. Holy God of all creation, in Your unique goodness, let Your servant experience You in the depth of love’s dazzling glory and perfect freedom. Release me from the shackles of confusion placed on me by the enemy as You lead me to the open space of trust despite the journey required through the valley of misunderstandings. For in all things, Your goodness is my rock and anchor. Your all-knowing compassion is the light I need in dark places, Lord. And so, let Your servant follow Your light in trust. Let me be enveloped in the majesty of mercy. Under the word of Psalm 119:44-45 and the authority of Christ, my Savior King, I lift these prayers toward the throne of my God.

I will keep your law continually,
    forever and ever,
and I shall walk in a wide place,
    for I have sought your precepts.
Psalm 119:44-45, ESV

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