Today’s Prayer

Father of light and every good gift from above, pour love -light into the empty places of Your image bearer’s soul. Draw me with tender mercy into the depth of Your living water, absent of all fear and perfectly breathing in rhythm with Your divine will. Show me the delight of Your adventurous Spirit as I surrender to the white rapids of grace and joy. Take me over the waterfalls of life’s perpetual complexity by catching me up in Your truth and providing me a safe landing in Your holy presence. Lift me up on the wings of forever as I bow down in prayerful worship. I surrender to the One my soul loves so that I can be swept up again in the blessedness of hope in Christ Jesus. Turn me to the light so that my back is to the dark because I know that You are my protection in the midst of spiritual battle. Lead me to the river of delights, O Lord. In the abundance of Your favor, I will feast upon the goodness of the Lord in worship and praise. Under the gorgeous, promised reminder of Psalm 36:8 and the authority of Christ, these prayers are submitted in reverence to the Lord whom I love.

They feast on the abundance of your house,
    and you give them drink from the river of your delights.
Psalm 36:8, ESV

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