Today’s Prayer

My Father in heaven, Your name be exalted in the hearts of Your beloved for I am wholly Yours. Let Your strength infuse the sleepiest parts of my tired soul. Inspire me with the fuel of faith to accomplish all that You have designed for me to accomplish. Meet the deficiencies of my body with ultimate filling from Your Holy Spirit. Move me with the energy that You supply in perfect timing and amazing grace. Lord, turn me toward the light as You banish the darkness from clouding my soul; for I am a child of the day, called to witness to the luminous glory of the one and only King of Kings and Lord of all. I praise Your mighty name in prayer and thanksgiving under the authority of Christ and the mighty inspiration of truth from Your holy word, Isaiah 52:1-2.

Awake, awake,
    put on your strength, O Zion;
put on your beautiful garments,…
Shake yourself from the dust and arise;…
loose the bonds from your neck,
    O captive daughter of Zion.
Isaiah 52:1-2, ESV

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