Today’s Prayer

Almighty Father, I bow before You in humble adoration that You would bestow favor on a lowly servant like me. May Your fighting warrior be filled with delight to answer Your call of intercession, Lord. Equip me with every spiritual blessing under heaven necessary for any monumental Kingdom task assigned to me.  Bind the enemy from setting devouring traps of fear and doubt. For I am a child of the King, with all power and might of the heavenly host at my disposal. I am a vessel of the hand of the Lord who will liberate His holy splendor through my counsel, my compassion and my wisdom. Father, minister to the aching, hurting hearts as You use Your beloved to guide them out of enemy territory back to the promised land of faith and hope in Christ. Under the word of Psalm 26:6-7 and the authority of Christ Jesus, these prayers are lifted toward heaven.

I wash my hands in innocence
    and go around your altar, O Lord,
proclaiming thanksgiving aloud,
    and telling all your wondrous deeds.
Psalm 26:6-7, ESV

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