My Song

A soft spoken Angel with sparkling wings

settled on a wishing well and began to sing.

To whom He sang, I could not tell.

So I ventured closer to the well.

His voice was carried by beams of light.

He sang to heaven with all of His might.

But he looked so sad as I drew near.

His eyes were filled with fallen tears.

I hid in the bushes and began to cry.

Despair came over me –I know not why.

Then the Angel with His whispered words

lifted my spirits and dispelled the hurts.

“Come, my child.  It will be alright.

You can step out into the light.”

“But Angel” I said as His hand I had,

“the song you were singing –it was so sad.”

“Yes,” He replied “that is true.

The song I sang was for you.”

“For me?” I asked.  “But I don’t understand.”

“You see,” He said “God has a plan.

But you have ventured from His side.

And in the bushes you choose to hide.

Come into the light and go to the well.

Ask Him your questions, the answers He’ll tell.”

Although my heart was filled with fright,

I followed the Angel into the light.

And all at once I began to sing

about all the hurt that I have seen.

The well was filled by the tears I cried.

My Angel remained at my side.

He gave me a cup which I then filled

with the water that my heart had spilled.

“Use your pain to heal the hurts.

They will drink to quench their thirst.”

I knew then that it was God’s plan

for me to share His light with man.

And in an instant He was gone –

the Angel who helped me find my song.

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