Today’s Prayer

My Lord and King, let Your Spirit reign in the life of Your beloved child. Guard my heart from the subtle attacks of the enemy which derail me. My desire is to walk in a manner that fully pleases You, Lord. Keep my steps steady with devoted love so that I do not trip up with selfish desire. Remind me who I am, Lord, in the face of challenges that reveal the flaws in me which You are working on. Help me not to fall into a pit of self-pity when I do not like what I see. Rather, lift my gaze to the finished product You are creating. May Your sweet grace be of the utmost comfort in the process of refinement so that I am brought to the reflection of Christ which You created me to be. I willingly submit to the chisel in Your mighty hand, Lord. I quiet my soul as You mold, shape and re-form me into the destined creature I was meant to be. Under the word of truth in John 1:16 and the blessed authority of Christ, I pray with a heart made whole in Christ.

For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.
John 1:16, ESV

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