Today’s Prayer

My beloved Savior God, I glory in Your great name. Praise You for Your mighty work in the life of one like me. Praise You for who You are to me, Lord Jesus. Lead me through the daily path of life, allowing me to see patches of God-light amidst the dark forest of troubling circumstance. Grant me the blessed hope of undiminished happiness which is my heavenly promise. Raise up my eyes of faith to fixate on eternity rather than be blinded by current controversy. For You are so much greater in me than the schemes the enemy attempts to trip me up in. Keep the steps of my Spirit steady under Your leadership, Father. Move me when it is time to move. Still me when it is time to be still. Silence me when it is time to be quiet. To You be all glory in this life. Under the blessed word of Acts 17:28 and the authority of Christ Jesus, these prayers are Yours to behold. O Lord.

“‘In him we live and move and have our being’;”
Acts 17:28, ESV

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