Bridge of Faith

Have you ever felt like a lost sheep?  Has life taken you to places you never thought you would have to go and you can’t seem to find the way home?  Fortunately for us, our Savior is the Good Shepherd.  He is not like Little Bo Beep who lost her sheep and didn’t know where to find them.  He knows exactly where you are even if you don’t.  And Jesus does not leave us alone so we’ll come home wagging our tails behind us.  No, He comes after us Himself because He is our way home.

But once He finds us, what do we do if He leads us to the edge of a spiritual cliff and tells us that our promised land is on the other side?  What if we can’t see a way to the other side?  In our little sheepish voice we might say to Him “Lord, I can see that the other side is greener and more beautiful and I definitely want to graze there but there is no bridge and that is a long way down.  Certainly you can’t expect me to jump such a great distance on these spindly little legs?”  And the Good Shepherd just leans on His staff and waits.

How long do our little sheep feet pace back and forth upon the precipice before we ask our question of Him again?  His reply this time is only “Do you trust me?”  And of course we trust Him.  He has brought us this far, hasn’t He?  We know who He is –the Good Shepherd who lays down His life for His sheep.  So why would He bring us to a place just to make us fall?

One glimpse of His smile is all that we get before we take a step off the cliff.  In a moment fear grips us as a gust of wind whips through our wool.  But it is only a moment before we find our little feet have landed on something solid.  There was a bridge there after all to lead us to the other side –to our promised land.  How had we not seen it, we wonder.  Reading our sheepish thoughts, the Good Shepherd knowingly answers “because this bridge was built on faith.”

If you are standing upon the edge of a spiritual cliff in your life right now, let your Good Shepherd build your faith as you step into the unknown.  Rest assured, loved one, that He knows where you are, that He has gone before you and that He has already made a way for you.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.  Hebrews 11:1

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