Today’s Prayer

Father God, glory be to Your Name in the highest. Let Your mercy and grace fill the tired soul of the child that is called to serve You. Enable me through the powerful filling of Your Holy Spirit to be fully equipped to radiate the light of Christ in the days given to me on this earth. Go before me, Lord, into the adventure of the future where a myriad of blessings meant to dazzle me awaits. May the challenges that also await me be tools of refinement in Your hand which will keep me walking straight upon the path of divine destiny. Put sparkle in my steps and delight in my heart as You mark the time given to me with the holiness of Your presence. I willingly submit to Your shaping. I completely trust in Your timing. I joyfully serve in Your calling. In gratitude, I will recall the gift of salvation purchased at such a high price so that the pursuit of lesser things will not distract me from You, Jesus. Under the word of Psalm 31:16 and the authority of my Savior, Jesus, I place these prayers as an offering of faith and love to the Lord God Almighty.

Make your face shine on your servant;
    save me in your steadfast love!
Psalm 31:16, ESV

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