Today’s Prayer

Precious Prince of Peace, be the guardian of my heart as I face the inevitable sadness that comes from an ordinary life in a fallen world. May the joy of Christ be firmly rooted in love so that despair never becomes a stranglehold on my spirit. Give me strength to rise above, to live beyond emotional reactions to life pain that tends to shackle and bind my soul in untruth. Let me not be blinded by self-consciousness, Lord. Rather, let me look to minister to other”s needs even when my own go unmet. Keep me safe under the protection of the blood of Jesus so that the enemy does not capture me with uncontrolled feelings. May my thoughts be captivated by You, alone, Jesus. May my mind be in a state of constant worship. May my soul so thoroughly love my God that all minor affliction pales in comparison with the eternal glory that is in store for me. Jesus, You are the One who mends my heart from all brokenness so that I can be continually re-made in You. Under the word of Psalm 147:3 and Christ’s heavenly authority, I pray.

He heals the brokenhearted
    and binds up their wounds.
Psalm 147:3, ESV

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