Ember Among Ashes

TITLE: Ember Among Ashes

CATEGORY: Biblical Fiction

Born to a man who desperately wanted a child but didn’t want her, Mary of Magdala became easy prey for the demonic world. Relentlessly hunted for the majority of her life, Magda was drawn into a battle that she couldn’t possibly win. She endured the worst of evil’s afflictions until Love saved her. Touched by the finger of Yahweh’s love when she was still in her mother’s womb, Magda had no idea that her Rescuer would come and claim her for Himself. Though she was Languishing, she Overcame to live Victoriously in the Everlasting power of one chosen by Yeshua. Brought out of darkness into the light, Magda began her destined journey toward true freedom. She found forgiveness in the power of love. Would she embrace that power to fight the darkness that tempted her? Would she leave behind a legacy of love that testified to her true identity as a beloved child of her Heavenly Father?

Book One of Faith, Love & Hope Series (available in paperback or kindle)

To order: visit Amazon.com, search Devoted Steps Ministry or click on the link below:

Ember Among Ashes

Ember Among Ashes Cover 2
Book One

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