Today’s Prayer

God, You delight my heart in the knowledge that my prayers are heard and my petitions do not go unnoticed. Even the whispers of my soul are known to You. The buried desires that have long been unmet surface in contentment within Your presence. Jesus, You are the answer to my mysteries. You are the One who attends my wounded soul. When trouble drops like a weight upon my being, You are there to shoulder my burden. No longer is my heart in anguish within me because You have untangled the web of selfishness that ensnared me. No longer does the terror of death assail me because You have set me free from its hold. Within the shelter of Your love, I take refuge from the raging tempest of the enemy who sought to devour me. With my soul redeemed in safety by Your powerful grace, Jesus, I can soar into the light of eternity no longer blinded by my own iniquity. Under the clarity of Your righteousness as evident in Your Word of Psalm 55:18 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I delightfully pray.

He redeems my soul in safety
    from the battle that I wage,
    for many are arrayed against me.
Psalm 55:18, ESV

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