Shimmer in Time

TITLE: Shimmer in Time

CATEGORY: Biblical Fiction

She washed up on the shores of Caesarea in a woven basket as a baby without a name. Found by a young fisherman, her destiny would be shaped by the prophetic name given her. Leah served in the home of a prominent synagogue ruler under the protection of the servant boy, Matthias, who called himself her brother. Though the home was a place where seeds of faith were planted for a time, evil lurked quietly in the corner awaiting an opportunity to strike. When Leah was snatched from the life she knew, the trajectory was set for her to endure long seasons of suffering. Her string of five failed marriages taught her Fear, Abandonment, Indebtedness, Truth and Humiliation. Remaining anchored to the faith given her as a young child became more difficult as time passed and her ability to endure waned. Feeling powerless to alter her situation, Leah submitted herself to a man who didn’t even want to make her his wife after her fifth marriage ended.When the last thread of her faith was about to break, Leah’s destiny was altered by a divine appointment at the well. Would this man who offered her living water truly quench the thirst deep within her soul? Would Leah allow Him to show her how to worship in Spirit and in Truth as she found purpose in her pain? Were her eyes open to see her life as a shimmer in time destined to glorify Yahweh despite her sufferings?

Book Two of Faith, Love & Hope Series (available in paperback or kindle)

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Shimmer in Time

Shimmer in Time Cover 2
Book Two

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