Today’s Prayer

Truly, Your majesty is breath-taking to my soul. Your life-giving presence is nourishment to the Spirit within me, O God. You are the rock upon which my faith is built. Knowledge and wisdom are the favors You bestow upon Your beloved. In the feeble state of my iniquity, You saw fit to look upon me with compassion. You grasped my hand to pull me out of the pit and set me on that rock, Jesus. You have brought life to that which was dead in me. How my heart rejoices and my soul sings praises to the Lord who has been so good to me. From the dust I have been re-born in Christ. From the ashes, I have been set ablaze with faith. Grant me Your breath as I speak words of truth, Lord. Grant me sweet blessings which I can bestow upon others in Your Name. Make me Your messenger of life, Lord God. Under the Word of 1 Samuel 2:1 and the authority of Christ, I pray.

I’m bursting with God-news!
    I’m walking on air.
I’m laughing at my rivals.
    I’m dancing my salvation.
1 Samuel 2:1, MSG

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