The Perfect Gift

When December rolls around each year, the world changes.  I watch as lines get longer, traffic congests around the malls, and stores open around the clock.  It seems the Christmas season is about gift giving more than anything else.  On the surface that appears to be a good thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I love … More The Perfect Gift


There once was a star that lived in the heavens with the Star-maker. She was an unhappy star for she could not shine bright like all of the stars around her. Instead, she spent her days longing to be human for she was dazzled by the lives of the princesses she watched from above. Finally, … More Starchild


What do I think Jesus thinks of me? What a difficult question to answer.  It almost feels like infringing upon God’s holiness to even venture a guess at the answer.  However, I find that it is most what my soul needs to settle upon.  If I could live in what Jesus thinks of me instead … More Thinking…

The Tree

We all have days that seem to sap our strength, robbing us of beauty and clouding our sense of self. Too many days like that and we are in danger of rotting from the inside out. I can usually trace these stormy days to a drift I allowed in my relationship with Jesus. I have … More The Tree