TITLE: Purposeful -Uncovering Prayer Beneath the Surface of Proverbs

CATEGORY: Daily Prayer Devotional

In this devotional prayer journey through the book of Proverbs, you will draw closer to Your Savior’s heart as He reveals to you the purposes that guide your own soul. Through intentional prayer and daily communion with God, we can align the purposes of our heart to match His will for our lives. Highlighting “purpose points” each day to guide the steps of your spiritual journey will direct you toward holiness and wholeness in Christ. This unique expedition through the book of Proverbs provides the Christ follower an interaction with scripture that is designed to knit the sojourner together with the core of this book of wisdom in such a way as to transform the heart, stir up the intentions of the soul and keep the mind focused on the love God shows us through daily instruction. Daily connection with God through His word and devotional prayers like these empowers us to live godly lives with Kingdom purpose.

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