TITLE: Someday -Hopeful Prayer emerging from Revelation

CATEGORY: Daily Prayer Devotional

At the end of His glorious word, God gives us the book of Revelation. While there is much to be gleaned regarding the end of times and the ultimate destiny for humankind, there are also nuggets of hope that are sprinkled throughout this book of prophecy. Our world is fraught with disappointment, trials, adversity and unexplainable evil which can diminish the hope we have been given through Christ Jesus. God reminds us through His word that He is the author of hope. He is the source of the happy ending that each of our hearts desperately longs for. This book is designed to grow that hope which faith in Christ has planted in You. Through forty days of poetic prayer devotionals inspired by the imagery of the book of Revelation, my desire is that You will draw closer to God as You begin uncovering aspects of hope rooted in faith. Focusing on the end of times can be weighty and confusing but praying with the heavenly perspective of trusting God’s love and sovereignty grants us the light of hope. May this journey bring you to a new place of hoping in faith even when the world around us seems to be getting darker. With the fire of hope in Christ burning in your heart, you will become His light in this world.

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