Illuminating the Shadows

TITLE: Illuminating the Shadows

CATEGORY: Biblical Fiction

Martha was well acquainted with sorrow. Orphaned at a young age, she looked for solace in the law of Yahweh. She sought to control her fear with perfect performance. Before he died, her father had taught her well the traditions of her people, the ancient Israelites. The little village of Bethany, snuggled beneath the shadow of Jerusalem, was Martha’s domain. She became the overseer of her family’s dwelling when her mother died. Despite her efforts, Martha was not perfect. She blamed herself for the bad things that happened. She constantly fought her emotions. She battled the darkness that existed within her. When she looked to the law of Yahweh for clarity, she only found confusion and blame. Everything changed when a young man named Yeshua came into her life. He brought light to Martha’s darkness by illuminating the Holy Scriptures in ways she had never known before. Would Martha let Yeshua open her eyes to the light of life? Would she be able to see the grace He offered her? Would her life be transformed by a new relationship to THE TRUTH?

Book Two of The Life, The Truth, The Way Series (available in paperback or kindle)

To order: visit, search Devoted Steps Ministry or click on the link below:

Illuminating the Shadows

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