Today’s Prayer

Great God Almighty, You have saved me in Your grace. You have vindicated me against the enemy of my soul. Let my heart continually rejoice in the power of salvation granted me through faith in Christ Jesus. Even the unspoken cries of my soul were heard by You, Lord. Even the whispers of my heart did not fall on deaf ears. For Your love is astounding. Your delight in me is unfathomable. In selfishness, I rebelled against You. In deception, I was blinded to Your truth. I am thankful that the ruthless pursuit of the enemy was no match for the relentless pursuit of Your love. For You are my helper. You are the One who upholds me in life. You have put an end to the enemy’s hold over me by breaking the chains that held me captive. May the depth of my soul spring up a fountain of gratitude that blossoms in praise. May the strings of my heart forever play songs of worship to my God who saves me. Under the mighty Word in Psalm 54:4-5 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I delightfully pray.

Behold, God is my helper;
    the Lord is the upholder of my life.
He will return the evil to my enemies;
    in your faithfulness put an end to them.
Psalm 54:4-5, ESV

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