Today’s Prayer

Thank You, Jesus, for loving my whole heart in truth. Thank You for unraveling the knots that bound me up in insecurity and doubt. Thank You for refining me in the gentle fires of faith and trust when circumstances overwhelm me and temptations assail me. Thank You for the hope that re-calibrates the compass of my heart to point in the direction of eternity and not in the direction of worldly success. Thank You for the grace that covers the nakedness of my iniquity and clothes me in the dazzling radiance of Your righteousness. Thank You for the mercy that places my shame in the realm of the unseen so that I am seen only in Your perfection. Thank You for the love that is incorruptible, matchless, boundless, empowering, enabling, and resurrecting. May I bring delight as Your image-bearing vessel in this world. Make me one who imparts all that You have given me with thankfulness in my heart now and forever more. Under the Word of Colossians 3:16 and the authority of my Savior King, Jesus, I humbly and gratefully pray.

Let the [spoken] word of Christ have its home within you
[dwelling in your heart and mind—permeating every aspect of your being]
as you teach [spiritual things] and admonish
and train one another with all wisdom,
singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs
with thankfulness in your hearts to God.
Colossians 3:16, AMP

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