Today’s Prayer

Thank You, Jesus, for loving my broken heart to truth. Thank You for crashing down the barrier that I had built up against You. Your Word is mighty. Your truth is breath. Your love is life. Take me to the boundless territory of Your glory, Lord. Lead me when I have lost the way. Take my trembling hand in Yours when I am groping aimlessly in the dark. Let me latch onto You, my Savior. The love You have imparted to me has birthed new life in my soul. The grace Your cross shows me ushers in the cloak of forgiveness that hides me from the condemning stare of the enemy. Thank You, Jesus, for truth that loved my heart whole. Thank You for tearing the veil so that I could be reconciled to my God. Under the Word of Matthew 27:51-52 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I pray.

Suddenly, the curtain of the sanctuary was split in two
from top to bottom;
the earth quaked and the rocks were split.
The tombs were also opened
and many bodies of the saints
who had fallen asleep were raised.
Matthew 27:51-52, HCSB

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