Today’s Prayer

Lord, Your nearness is breath to my soul. Your presence delights my heart in a multitude of ways. In times of trouble, You are the One who hides me. In moments of distress, You are the One who comforts me. Let me hotly pursue Your righteousness, Lord Jesus. Catch me up in the majesty of Your love. May the desire of my soul link only to Your Name and renown. Prosper my ways so that I remain steadfast in faith, reflective of Your glory. Move me, Lord, to face the adversity that stands against me. Train me to use the weapons of truth, prayer, and love in order to vanquish the enemy of my soul. When mischief and iniquity assail me, cleanse me through confession. When trial and temptation thwart me, lead me in grace. Lift up Your hand to carry me out of my affliction, Lord God. I trust in You. My hope is secure in Your embrace. Under the Word of Psalm 91:14 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I gratefully pray.

Because he holds fast to me in love,
I will deliver him; I will protect him,
because he knows my name.
Psalm 91:4, ESV

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