Today’s Prayer

Lord God of all creation, point the compass of my soul in the direction of Your heart. Fulfill that empty space inside of me that is perfectly contoured to You and only You. Forgive me, Father, for attempting to force other things into the space that only You are destined to occupy. Teach me to be content, Jesus. Unravel the dissatisfaction that tangles me up inside until my desires are aligned with Your will. Take every thread of my life, Lord, and weave it into a beautiful tapestry of testimony to Your love and grace. Infuse the black and white of my thoughts with the colors of heaven. Brighten the world around me, Jesus, by shining Your glorious light through me. Under the mighty Word of truth in John 12:46 and the authority of Christ, I pray.

Believe in the light while you have the light,
so that you may become children of light.
John 12:46, NIV

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