Today’s Prayer

Free my lips from deceit, Lord. You are the only One who hears the quiet prayers of my restless heart.Test my soul, Jesus, so You can lead me to what is right. Examine the shadows that linger deep within me so that Your light can bring the healing which I seek. Free me from the tentacles of evil that reach into the depths of my spirit only to hold me captive to sin. Your power of transformation is my gift of grace. Your unparalleled beauty is the reflection that I desire to become. Empower my steps on life’s path with devotion, Jesus. Lead me to the secret place where Your presence is my sustenance. Reshape my desires to match Your glorious will for my life. Let there be nothing that separates me from the destiny which You have mapped out with Your nail-scarred hands. Under the Word of Psalm 17:1, 6 & 7 and the authority of Christ, I humbly pray.

Lord, hear a just cause;
pay attention to my cry;
listen to my prayer—
from lips free of deceit…
I call on you, God,
because you will answer me…
Display the wonders of your faithful love.

Psalm 17:1, 6, 7, CSB

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