Today’s Prayer

My God, You are good all the time. You filter my moments through fingertips of grace. You capture my days in order to shield them with Your love. May my heart overflow with grateful adoration. You are sovereign, Lord Almighty. There is nothing in my life that I want to keep hidden from You. For You are my Lord who sees me. You are the only One who can reveal the iniquity that keeps me imprisoned to my self. You have done great wonders for me, Jesus. Let my soul forever bow before Your majesty. Spread the glory of heaven over me, God. Lift up my eyes to see the destiny You have planned and purposed for me. Take me to the place where I belong. Govern my soul with Your salvation that nourishes me with hope. Under the beautiful Word of Psalm 136:1-3 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I delightfully pray.

Thank God! He deserves your thanks.
    His love never quits.
Thank the God of all gods,
    His love never quits.
Thank the Lord of all lords.
    His love never quits.
Psalm 136:1-3, MSG

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