Today’s Prayer

My Father in heaven, let my praise for You ring to the ends of the earth. Let the treasures You have buried deep within me be revealed through holiness. Though others around me don’t see me, I delight in knowing that You do. Though others do not want to accept my heart, I know that You already have. Thank You, Jesus, for the promise of unfailing love. Thank You for the call that beckons me into eternity with You. Though I often feel alone, You are never far from me. Though I often cannot see the light, You are the One to open my eyes. My needs are met because of Your grace. My desires are satisfied because of Your mercy. Let my soul delight in You now and always. You are my Savior, my King, my Lord, my everything. Under the Word of Your truth in Psalm 38:9 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I delightfully pray.

Lord, my every desire is in front of you;
my sighing is not hidden from you.
Psalm 38:9, CSB

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