Today’s Prayer

Glorious God of all the universe, take me into the light where You dwell. Rid me of the lure of darkness that this world offers. Help me resist the temptations to wander where You would not have me go. I delight to remain in the boundaries of Your will. I rejoice to dance beneath the umbrella of Your sovereign protection. Jesus, I thank You for the reconciliation that only the cross could offer my soul. I thank You for the incorruptible love that You displayed in life and in death. You are my conquering hero. You are my rescuing redeemer. You are my way, my truth and my life. Through You, I will come to the Father. Through You, I will become the person I was designed to be. Let my soul continually be shaped by Your nail-scarred hands. May nothing else touch me except Your power working through the Holy Spirit in me. I delight to be Yours. Under the truth in John 17:10 and the authority of Christ, I humbly pray.

All things that are mine are yours,
and yours are mine, and I am glorified in them.
John 17:10, WEB

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