Today’s Prayer

Let the perfection of Your beauty shine forth through my life, Lord God Almighty. The universe is Yours to command. The strings of my heart are Yours to play. Let me not get lost in the silence of distracted noise. Open my ears to hear the sweet melody of Your voice singing over me. I need You, Jesus. I long for Your presence in the seasons of loneliness. Help me to fight the illusions which the enemy disrupts me with. Help me to overcome the lies that pummel me in my weakened estate. You are my conquering hero. All victory is Yours. Gather me as Your faithful one. Create in me the warrior spirit necessary to fight the battles in Your great Name. Forgive my disillusionment, Lord. Lead me back to the territory of belief when I have inadvertently believed too many lies. Set my gaze upon the heavens that declare Your glory. Anchor me to Your saving grace, God. Under the truth of Your Word in Psalm 50:1-2 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I pray.

The Mighty One, God the Lord,
    speaks and summons the earth
    from the rising of the sun to its setting.
Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty,
    God shines forth.
Psalm 50:1-2, ESV

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