Sanctified Servant

TITLE: Sanctified Servant

CATEGORY: Biblical Fiction

His earliest education was meant to put Luke on a course toward becoming the lawyer his father wanted him to be. When tragedy struck, Luke’s destiny was unexpectedly altered. Orphaned before he was an adolescent, Luke was raised by his uncle who would see to it that Luke became a physician. In a culture riddled with belief in multiple deities, Luke was intellectually intrigued by the notion that there was only one God. His pursuit of the Jewish deity would not only capture his mind, but also his soul. How long would Luke resist the truth? How many barriers would God break down in order to get at Luke’s heart?When the apostle Paul shows up in Luke’s life, his destiny would be forever altered as he became the beloved physician to God’s messenger for the early church. Would Luke finally surrender to the will of his Father in heaven? How would this believer’s legacy ultimately change the world as God sanctified His servant, making him into the writer Luke was destined to be?

This story is complete with questions at the end of the book for group discussion or personal reflection relating to each chapter.

Book Three of Believer’s Legacy Series (available in paperback or kindle)

To order: visit, search Devoted Steps Ministry or click on the link below:

Sanctified Servant

Sanctified Servant Cover


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