Today’s Prayer

Lord, let me delight in the portion You have assigned to me. Let me rejoice in the inheritance promised me through faith in Christ Jesus. My heart seeks out the depths of Your love. My soul thirsts for Your righteousness. Cover my iniquities with the power of Your grace. Lead me to the stream that flows from Your throne so that I can assess my ways by its reflection. Let me look and see what You see. Let me desire Your will above all else. Turn the steps of my life toward the path that leads to eternity. Take the ropes of deceit which have bound me, Lord Jesus, and set me free. May Your Holy Word be forever etched upon my heart. May Your presence be the stillness that replenishes my spirit. Fill every empty place within me from the reservoir of love only You can provide. Under the Word of Matthew 5:6 and the authority of Christ, I place my prayers upon Your altar, mighty King.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled.
Matthew 5:6, NIV

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