Today’s Prayer

Your Name is glorious and greatly to be praised, my Father in heaven. Teach me to exalt You in daily worship and praise. For You are my God, alone. You are my One and Only King. My heart and soul are safe in Your hands. I rejoice in the starlight that shimmers against the dark canopy of night, reminding me that Your light cannot be vanquished. Lead me to live the life that will bring glory to Your Name. Make my heart faithful to You so that I desire nothing less. Make my soul obedient to You as You unite my will with Your own in loving grace. The covenant beneath which I find rest and protection is a sweet treasure You have drawn me into. Cover me in the beauty of Your righteousness, Jesus, so that I radiate the light of divine love against the canopy of a dark world. Under the Word of truth in Job 12:22 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I pray.

He reveals the deep things of darkness
and brings utter darkness into the light.
Job 12:22, NIV

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