Today’s Prayer

Lord God, Creator of all the earth and the One who knit my entire being together, have Your way in me. Make me Your vessel, Lord. Turn my life into an offering for Your Kingdom glory. Let me become whatever You intended me to be. Though the circumstances of life often crush me, You are my burden-bearer. Though the trials ordained for me often press in to the point of breaking, You are the One who puts the pieces back together. Empower me to yield to Your caring hands as they remold me, chisel me and shape my soul into Christ-likeness. Though I do not always understand Your ways with me, Lord, enable me to lean into the trust that is anchored in perfect love. Though I often desire relief more than the refinement, empower me to submit to Your plan instead of my own. You are holy, Lord God. You are my truest desire. Thank You for Your relentless pursuit and never-ending compassion that doesn’t give up on those You love. Under the Word You have given in Exodus 34:10 and the authority of Christ, I pray.

Behold, I am making a covenant. Before all your people I will do marvels,
such as have not been created in all the earth or in any nation.
And all the people among whom you are
shall see the work of the Lord,
for it is an awesome thing that I will do with you.
Exodus 34:10, ESV

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