Today’s Prayer

Creator of my being, Lover of my soul, to You I bow down in humble worship. Let there be no distance between us, Lord. Remove from me the inclination toward selfish desire that leads me into territory belonging to the enemy. Shelter me beneath the shadow of Your wings so that I am protected from the onslaught of deception that permeates my culture. Enable me to hold fast to the truth. Equip me to fight for Your Name’s sake. Reveal to me the battle strategy that will lead my soul to victory in Your Name. Father, anoint me as a heavenly vessel full of light and love to be poured out on a dark and hateful world. Remind me to come to You in my emptiness because only You have the power to fill me with divine contents required to fight the battle of life in a fallen world. I submit to Your authority, Jesus. I bow before Your sovereignty Lord God Almighty, now and forevermore. Under the mighty Word of Your truth in Isaiah 46:8-10 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I place these prayers upon the altar of my God.

Remember this and be brave;
take it to heart, you transgressors!
Remember what happened long ago,
for I am God, and there is no other;
I am God, and no one is like Me.
I declare the end from the beginning,
and from long ago what is not yet done,
saying: My plan will take place,
and I will do all My will.
Isaiah 46:8-10, HCSB

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