Today’s Prayer

My Lord and Sovereign King, I kneel before Your majesty in reverent yearning. My soul delights to adore You, God. My heart awakens to worship the One who is worthy. In no other presence will I expose myself in humble wonder. In no other presence will I bring my reverent fear. Lord Jesus, bring me to love You with all the power that lies within me. Bring me to follow You without hindering distractions. Warm the cool parts of my being with the incandescent blue fire of Your Holy Spirit until I am completely consumed with white hot worship. Show me how to love You more. Invite me into the deep, Lord, until the clamoring attention of the world’s enticements become a distant echo that fades beneath the majesty of a new sun. Let Your voice be louder in me than all other sounds. Under the mighty and awesome power of Your Word in Matthew 22:37 and the authority of the One and Only Savior of my soul, Jesus Christ, I adore You in prayer.

Jesus replied, “‘Love the Lord your God
with all your heart, soul, and mind.’
Matthew 22:37, TLB

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