Believer’s Legacy Prayer Devotional

TITLE: Believer’s Legacy Prayer Devotional

CATEGORY: Biblical Fiction Companion Book

This companion book to the Believer’s Legacy series offers an opportunity for personal reflection. Each daily devotional begins with a character’s prayer from one of the various books in the series. As you come alongside Onesimus, Timothy, Luke and Paul, let God resonate with your heart regarding particular situations in your own life story. Each prayer is followed by a focus Scripture and a word to carry with you through the day. There are blank pages designed for writing your own prayerful response and/or the way God answered your prayer. By connecting with the Lord through prayerful devotion, your own spiritual journey is destined to leave a legacy that has great Kingdom impact.

To order: visit, search Devoted Steps Ministry or click on the link below:

Believer’s Legacy Prayer Devotional

Companion Book

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